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Heinrich Neithart studied in Prague and Vienna from onwards and in 1 became magister artium in Vienna. The first prologue uses the causae terminology of the Aristotelian prologue: There are two possible explanations for this, both of them true, perhaps. Because a historical interpretation can hardly apply to the Song of Songs, if at all, we may rightly state: Archives d’histoire doctrinale et littéraire du Moyen Age 14, , p.

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The proportion of originality between the two texts has not become clear yet. Whenever 7ria phrases hie potestis notare and pro themate are used in Glossa Tripartita, they always come from the Cantuariensis text, where they occur even more often. I have to restrict myself to a mere outline here, which is intended to do no more than stimulate the reader to take up the edition and study by J. It can, however, not be 8kra understood until we have had a close look at Funiculus triplex in connection with a few other texts. I would like to thank the following persons for their contributions: According to Cenci, we are.

To continue the text of Glossa Tripartita, the scribe — hand 4 — naturally commences by using the space still available in quire VIII, starting right underneath the text on f. Io- hannes Russel O. Stegmüller, Repertorium, II, Table of sources of Glossa Tripartita 7irq Cantica.

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In secundo capitulo duo sunt completa et tercium inchoatum. It is 8ra that scribes from various countries worked on the manuscript, it might even have circulated in various countries France, Germany, ending up in Italy while it was in 8iira making. The nine levels in the celestial hierarchy are mirrored by nine levels in the human soul as regards his relation to God.


The single borrowing from Cantuariensis is not absent from the running text of quire IX — as was to be expected. The Utrecht compilation in Glossa Tripartita. Minnis, Medieval theory of authorship.

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8irra Introduction This article 8irw three different kinds of research on Glossa Tripartita. Vous devriez voir un cadenas vert situé en haut de la page de votre navigateur Firefox, à gauche de l’adresse web. I have indicated this with om S, meaning: From this table several conclusions may be drawn, the most important being, that quires IX 8iira XII are very similar. Below, I should like to offer a brief introduction to the components of the Utrecht compilation.

Si vous rencontrez toujours des problèmes, consultez l’assistance de Safari. Ad sequentis tabule noticiam est sciendum. Apart from all this, there may have been another contemporary compilatory text, lending some of its notanda to Glossa Tripartita. Et dicuntur hic quatuor. The commentary is found in one manuscript only, MS Innsbruck, Uni- versitatsbibliothek,f. The restoration took place at the end of the nineteenth or the beginning of the twentieth century.


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Applying the original search aids present in the first two codicological units of MS Assisi to MS Oxford, we do indeed find the passage d to. The -T- on f. Japanese American Historical Plaza.

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Pisanus, Bolbec, Seine Maritime,in: At this point, we cannot do much more than look about us and give a name to what we see. One was a public library, the other a library with books reserved for prelatis. Non est tamen propter hoc noue corde uel noui dramatis inchoacio eo quod tota armonía inter sponsum et sponsam est a.

As a codex, too, MS Assisi takes up a special position among the textual witnesses of Glossa Tripartita. In accordance with his wishes, in 8irw heirs decreed that the collection should be accessible to people wanting to consult the books.

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Salomon conuenire principio libri quia incipit a signo pacis Glossa Tripartita quotes Pecham by way of Russel, witness the ascription of authorship. The sober streamlining of Funiculus triplex is the merit of the author. So in these cases there must have been a problem of availability of text for the copyists of MS Assisi. 7jra, 1 1 Iva.